5 podcasts to help you kick start your creative side hustle

If there’s one thing I love it’s a good podcast. I am a sucker for great dialogue especially when it’s mixed with insightful information that’s not only useful but uplifting as well. As a part of my weekly self-care routine, I’ll often listen to podcasts to give me a boost in confidence particularly during days when I’m feeling extremely down and in need of a reality check. During this time of building my own creative side hustle, a number of podcasts have been a source of inspiration to keep me grounded. Here is my go-to list of podcasts to help you kickstart your creative side-hustle. 

1. Letters From A Hopeful Creative

A weekly podcast hosted by creative coaches Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington. The show is centered on helping hopeful creatives who are in search of guidance, support, and encouragement in their journey. In each episode, Sara and Jen answer a letter from a hopeful creative and share some of the lessons they’ve learned along the way as creative coaches and online business owners. They use their own personal experience to help others striving for creative success. They cover a wide range of topics such as building a social media following, dealing with a side hustle while working full time, financial uncertainty and much more. I love how down to earth these ladies are and their straight forward approach.

2. Perspective Collective

Hosted by Scotty Russell a part-time lettering artist and illustrator, this man is a positivity machine. Each week, Scotty and his guests give you tools for overcoming adversity to make an impact with your work especially if you’re building a side-hustle outside of your day job. As a husband and father with a full-time job, Scotty is a perfect example of someone making strides for himself in the creative world and the challenges we experience in the process while building a side-hustle. If you’re a designer or artist interested in topics such as mental health, growing an audience, pricing, attracting work, etc., then this podcast is for you!

3. The Happy Ever Crafter

Becca Courtice aka “the happy ever crafter” is most notably known for her calligraphy work, lettering books, and workshops. Becca is full of resources and advice and her podcast on YouTube is no exceptions. On her channel, she shares step-by-step modern calligraphy tutorials and interviews artists who have made a career for themselves in the hand-lettering/calligraphy world. This podcast is a new favorite of mine and I love how Becca covers topics that help artists develop their skill in all aspects of building a creative business. Her topics range from live tutorials, finance, signage, and is overall very centered on educational content for the budding creative.

4. Hey, Girl Podcast

Created with sisterhood and storytelling in mind, Hey, Girl is a podcast created by author and wellness consultant Alex Elle. Through workshops and retreats, Alex’s work centers around assisting others to find their voice through storytelling, poetry and narrative writing. Hey, Girl is another adaptation of her work as she dives deep with her guest through open, candid and intimate conversations. Topics range from self-care, vulnerability, creating authentic work and so much more. If you’re a fan of personal conversations that revolve around real-life topics then this podcast is perfect for you.

5. Creative Pep Talk

If you’re looking for light-hearted, fun, educational content, then Andy J Miller’s Creative Pep Talk is right up your alley. In this weekly podcast, Andy helps you build a thriving creative career by teaching you how to find your creative gift, develop it and connect it to the audience that needs it. He also offers advice when going through the woes of building a creative life and provides first-hand insights through interviews with top creative professionals. There’s a lot of humor and realness in his approach even when discussing issues such as mental health. You’re bound to find value in any one of his episodes and there’s loads of content in this podcast.

What are some of your favorite podcasts and how have they helped you in your journey of creative living? Drop a link down below and tell me more! I would love to see some of your recommendations and add them to another blog post in the future.

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