5 Tips To Help You Stay on Track With Your Goals in 2017

When a new year approaches, most of us generally feel the need to make a change in our lives for the better. We actively want the new year to be a start of something great; whether it’s a get into shape plan, cook more, be a nicer person, and so on. We want the year to be a shift in some of the norms. Though we have the best intentions in setting New Year’s resolutions or goals for ourselves, too many times we fall short or lose sight of things, and the next thing you know the year is already over. I will admit, I too have set New Year’s resolutions only to falls back into the same bad habits by February (LOL). But in 2016 I managed to figure out a way to stick with my goals and turn my life in a new direction.
To help you kick off the New Year on the right foot and stay on track with your goals, I want to share some of my personal tips that helped me stay on track in 2016. I want you all to take ownership of your lives. Make 2017 your best year and the platform for many years to come!
Here are my top 5 tips to help guide you in staying on course with your goals in 2017.
Be Honest With Yourself
When making changes to your life, it is important to be open and honest with yourself. You have to accept where you are now and willing to put in the necessary time and effort required to accomplish your goals. Owning up to your own downfalls opens you up to the obstacles holding you back. Journaling helped me self-reflect and identify my problem areas. Understanding that trying to be someone you’re not gets you nowhere. Embrace your inner voice that tells you to go it and put yourself out there!
Take Baby Steps
At times when trying to accomplish something, we tend to put too much on our plates at once. Taking on too many responsibilities can lead to feeling overwhelmed, discouraging you in the long run. Taking things one day and one step at a time helps alleviate that stressed out feeling. Cultivate a habit of setting small attainable goals that will build over time. Understand what limitations you may have and work on viable solutions to overcome them. For example, if your goal is to become a writer but unsure of where to start, form a habit of daily writing to spark your inner creativity. The important thing to take out of it is that change does not happen overnight. True mastery of any desired goal naturally requires time and, most importantly, patience.
Reward Yourself
As humans, we get joy from being rewarded for a job well done; even in the smallest gestures such as a sticker on a report card, to being given an award for an accomplishment. Since we put in so much hard work into achieving our goals, it feels great to reward yourself from time to time! This does not have to involve spending money. It can be as simple as taking a day of relaxation and giving yourself permission to do whatever you want. A well-deserved reward can be that fire you need to keep you going.
When You Fall, Get Back Up
When faced with adversities, it is extremely important to keep your head in the game! Moments will arise when you feel like giving up or quitting. You have to stay strong and push through any negative thoughts that come your way. Stay grounded and remind yourself why you took on this goal/challenge to begin with. Giving up ultimately means you’re giving up on yourself. Reconnect back to your inner voice that pushed you past the starting line in the first place. Don’t let a moment of doubt or a minor setback define you. If a moment comes that makes you feel like quitting, just take a step back to reconnect with yourself, give yourself a moment to understand your feelings, wipe the tears off your face, and get back up! You’ll feel empowered knowing that you fell off the horse, but mustered the strength from within to get back up!
Have Fun
Last, but definitely not least, remember to have fun. Too often we lose sight of our goals because we find them too difficult or we’re not enjoying the process. Imagine starting a workout plan but absolutely hating everything about working out. Chances are the likelihood of sticking with it are slim to none. Instead of trying to force yourself into a new habit, find ways to make it interesting for you. Instead of saying to yourself I hate working out, try finding alternate ways to exercise outside of the typical #GymLife such as hiking, rock climbing, yoga, even skating. You’ll be surprised at how eager you’ll be to get up and go once you find something you have fun with. If what you’re doing is adding more stress than relief into your life then it’s probably not for you. Make sure to distinguish the difference between not having fun and wanting to give up out of fear.
I hope these tips help you build healthy habits with staying on course with your goals like they helped me. I definitely have days where I struggle, but I’m only human so that’s fine. Stay positively minded and grounded within yourself and you’ll be amazed in what you’re capable of doing!

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