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Meet The Artist

Hi there! My name is Nkem Warner and I’m the lettering artist and graphic designer behind For Tha Masses Design, a woman-led/black-owned design studio located in Knoxville Tennessee. Growing up I had a love for art, fashion and music and was usually the person everyone turned to for design needs. It’s that early passion and curiosity that lead me down the path of pursuing a creative career.

During my university years, I majored in graphic and interactive design and also received my Bachelors in Interpersonal Communications. I had dreams of designing eye-catching and engaging websites, logos and helping others bring their creative vision to life but like most artist, my journey was far from linear and had its share of highs and lows. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and imposter syndrome often runs rampant, but overcoming these obstacles has been the source of my creativity and is what has allowed for unfiltered self-expression and paved the way to starting this business. 

Getting to the stage of my career took actively challenging my way of thinking and confronting my struggles head on. It took intentionality and having difficult conversations with myself and others in order to flourish and heal. It’s why my designs are centered around celebrating people in their fullness and creating conversation pieces on topics surrounding mental health, social and environmental justice. 

I believe that art can be used as a tool to help elevate voices and ideas and that’s what I value the most in what I do.

Through my education and many years working in several customer service roles, I’ve gained a great understanding of how to communicate with people in a manner that resonates with them both through writing and visual design.

Today, For Tha Masses has evolved into what was envisioned; a place where people can find a source of joy, inspiration, encouragement and community. My goal for this business is to leave a long lasting positive impact within the community I serve and collaborate with other like-minded artists and businesses (like YOU) who strive for a better future for the next generation.

If you’re interested in doing impactful work together or simply want to say hi, I would love to have a chat!  Don’t be a stranger and reach out to me via email at hello@forthamasses.com or fill out the form below under Services.

To see some of my work, visit the shop page or Youtube channel  for a peak of what I’m up to in the studio!

Our Products

Elevate your surroundings with thoughtful designed goods made with people and community in mind.

Here at For Tha Masses, we’re all about people celebrating people. Whether that’s celebrating yourselves, loved ones, your values, or your community; our motto is one thing “people matter”. That is why we strive to bring you quality handmade products that connect people in a meaningful way. Our mission is to help our consumers and clientele foster long-lasting relationships with the people and communities they serve. We fulfill this mission by creating products with positive messages that uplift spirits and spread awareness on mental health, social justice and environmental issues.

 Our goal is to help people  get through their roadblocks and limiting beliefs by offering thoughtfully designed goods that motivates, encourages and supports YOU in being the best version of yourself. Our current product line includes home décor and art prints to create a lively, engaging, and affirming space around you. 

They say that your surroundings has the power to change your mental state and our products are the perfect touch you’ve been looking for to elevate your surroundings and evoke your “feel good” vibes.  Visit our shop page to see our current selection of art prints & lettering kits. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with new products launches and other exclusive content!


 As a growing small business ourselves, we understand the difficulties of starting a business from the ground up. That is why we love partnering with other small/locally owned businesses who also hold the same community values as we do. Our design services include:

  • Chalkboard/Signage Design
  • Mural design
  • Brand image consulting
  • Logo and branding graphic design

 Interested in working with For Tha Masses? Fill out the inquiry below to get in touch with us or send an email to hello@forthamasses.com. 

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