Doing the Inner Work

Hi Friends! It’s been a long time since I’ve shared anything publicly and even longer since my last blog post. To put it mildly, life looks very different now than it did a year and a half ago and if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been or what I’ve been up to, I’m looking forward

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Slow Progress is still Progress

In the lives of aspiring creative entrepreneurs or anyone striving for personal growth, most of our time and effort is spent putting one foot in front of the other; taking steps each day towards reaching our desired goals. At times, this process feels long, tedious, and unfulfilling due to our tendency to hyper-focus on reaching

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Mind your own energy

As of late, I’ve been doing my best to be aware of the things I put my time, focus and energy towards. That meant looking at my priorities and assessing if these habits are beneficial to me. As a result, I’ve drawn back from people and became more introverted, I stopped blogging and stopped marketing

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Becoming Is Better than Being: Elevate from a Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset.

“Talent isn’t passed down in the gene, it’s passed down in the mindset”  Carol Dweck I guess moments like these when you’re feeling lost and completely unsure of yourself is the perfect time to delve into the topic of mindset. Call it faith or happenstance but everything I’ve experienced this past week perfectly aligned with

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