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How to Build A Sustainable Wardrobe. A Beginner Friendly Guide To Fabric

One thing that became clear as I’ve continued learning about sustainable fashion is the fabrics that make up our clothing matters. Understanding the production and manufacturing process of the fibers in today’s clothing plays an important role in building a cohesive/sustainable wardrobe filled with pieces that will last for years. Most of our clothes are […]

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Sustainable Living Blues

Living in Nigeria as a child, every day was a sustainable life. We bought food from the market from local farmers, nothing was ever put to waste no matter how much you had, manual labor was a common part of life, and there was a sense of community in every neighborhood. Moving to America took

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Behind the scenes of Plastic

Original Photo by Peter Clarkson on Unsplash In case you didn’t know, the month of July was widely referred to as Plastic-free July; a month where people were encouraged to challenge themselves to forego the usage of single-use plastic. The initiative behind plastic free July is to spread awareness about the use of plastic and to encourage consumers

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The Gift of a Bra

As I’ve continued the Kon Mari process and gone about the act of donating my clothes, I wanted to see how my donations could produce some good in this world. According to the council for textile recycling, the average US citizen throws away 70lbs of clothing and other textiles per year, and the EPA estimates

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