DIY Mother’s Day Card w/free template

diy mother's day greeting card design

Mother’s day is fast approaching and it’s one of the most celebrated holidays, and since For Tha Masses is all about making people feel their absolute best, it’s no surprise that I’ve got you covered when it comes to celebrating mom. This year I created a beginner-friendly greeting card design to simply say “Love You Mom”. Love you for the life lessons, for teaching us independence, & leadership. For being there to listen and letting us gracefully fall on our faces when we thought we knew best. For being by our side through difficult moments and for being our role model and biggest advocate.  

Our mothers can be a pillar in many of our lives so it would not be fair to not acknowledge the complication this holiday may hold. In all realness, mother’s day might not be a cheerful holiday if you are grieving the loss of a mother or grew up in a home where mom wasn’t the ideal figure. If you are in this stage, your pain is seen and you are loved.

handmade mothers day greeting card

It’s easy to take for granted how impactful the presence of a mother can have on one’s life and I’m appreciative of being put in this position to have that impact on my little ones’ life the way my mother has had on mine.

I’ve made available this simple and minimalist Mother’s Day greeting card template that is totally free and easy to follow. If you have 15 minutes on your hands, it’s well worth the time spent to go the little extra mile for mom this year and make her something she’ll be sure to keep and remember! If you need supplies to get you started, stop by the shop and grab our lettering kits which include everything you need to make the perfect handmade card. 

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