Faux Calligraphy Workbook & Greeting Card Kit Coming Soon…

New Product Faux Calligraphy Workbook & Greeting Card Kit

As you recall, I shared some exciting news yesterday and announced that new products are coming soon to the shop. Today I’m happy to share that the very first lettering workbook will be dropping on the Etsy shop this Saturday, November 6th! The Beginners Guide to Faux Calligraphy is a 52-page guide that teaches you the foundation and steps to learning how to draw faux calligraphy. If you’re not familiar with what faux calligraphy is, it is a lettering style that mimics the look of traditional calligraphy created with a nib and ink. This lettering style was one of the first I learned when started lettering back in 2016 and over the years, I’ve refined my style and been able to create beautiful works of art such as greeting cards, chalk murals, protest signs and so much more. 

The knowledge that I’ve acquired over the years is being passed down for others to gain from. I would be honored for others to learn from For Tha Masses Design and be able to use these tools to create their own works of art to share with others. This is a beginner-friendly guide (just as the name suggests) complete with lots of practice space and exercises. On November 6th, the complete greeting card kit will be available for purchase, and an instant download version of the workbook in the Etsy Shop.


Faux Calligraphy Workbook & Greeting Card Kit

When putting together the workbook, my intention was always to figure out how to provide more than just a workbook. The concept for the greeting card kit was to create something that allowed people to get interaction with it and show off their newly acquired skills. When I started lettering, making greeting cards was a fun way to be creative while celebrating my dearest friends and family members. The handmade nature of the cards felt sentimental in many ways and I wanted to provide something that gave people a chance to have this same experience for themselves. The complete greeting card kit includes The Beginner’s Guide To Faux Calligraphy workbook, 3 blank greeting cards and envelopes, 3 stamps, a drawing pencil, a mircon pen, and an eraser. All the right tools perfect to get a beginner started and supplies to send off your beautifully handmade greeting card! 

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