For tha Masses Etsy shop relaunch

for tha masses etsy shop relaunch

Hi There!

Today is the big day and official reopening of For Tha Masses Etsy shop! Last week I shared a sneak peek of some of the new prints that will be hitting the shop and today I’m sharing all that will be available for sale on Small Business Saturday, Nov 30th. The process of making these new set of prints was a bit easier since I had a mini launch back in June and figured out how to effectively open an Etsy shop selling prints in a short period of time. My original idea for this relaunch was to include stickers and birthday cards in my inventory but I soon realized I had to figure out a cost-effective way to get these items made since all my prints are done in-house (my home studio). Once I figure out the logistics of that, those products will be added to the shop. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the progress and let you know when they’ll be available.
In the upcoming new year, there will be lots of changes coming way on the business front. Not only will new products start being regularly added, but I’ll also be launching a new website, an email list to help you stay up to date with new updates and offer free downloads and merch to dedicated supporters. I’m working on ways to help move this business forward and taking steps to make the success of this brand a possibility. By starting small and making changes as I go, my hope is to continue to build courage and confidence as I go. Thank you for the support I’ve received throughout the year. Don’t forget to stop by our Etsy shop to get your hands on these new prints. They’ll make a perfect gift for the holiday season especially if you’re looking to bring a piece of joy to someone’s life! <3
for tha masses mind your own energy
for tha masses growth is the only evidence of life
for tha masses more than capable
for tha masses slow progress is still progress
for tha masses surrender
for tha masses surrender
for tha masses you got this
for tha masses embrace the unknown
for tha masses live, love, learn
for tha masses progress over perfection
for tha masses nevertheless she persisted

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