Greeting Card Kit & Faux Calligraphy Workbook Now Available

Greeting Card Kit & Faux Calligraphy Workbook Now Available

The time you’ve been waiting for is finally here! The Beginners Guide to Faux Calligraphy workbook & greeting card kits are NOW AVAILABLE in the Etsy Shop! The 52-page workbook comes complete with learning the foundation of traditional calligraphy and a guide to drawing both capital and lowercase letters from A-Z. For someone who is new to lettering, this workbook walks you through step by step, drawing monoline letters, adding depth to each letter, and finally achieving the look of faux calligraphy. Once you’ve mastered this style, you can create your own beautiful hand-lettered work on a variety of things using any drawing tools you can think of. The skies really are the limit.

Complete greeting Card and faux calligraphy kit

Speaking of a variety of things you can make, not only is the workbook available on its own as a physical booklet & digital download, but you can also purchase the complete greeting card kit that also includes the workbook, blank card stock greeting cards, and envelopes, stamps, drawing pencil, pen, and eraser. Everything you need to create your own handmade greeting cards and send them off to your loved ones. 

For the first week of sales and to commemorate the launch of the very first workbook, I’m offering 15% off everything in the store! Use discount code FAUXCALL15 at check out and don’t forget to snag a motivational print while you’re there. Sign up for the newsletter to get your hands on a free download of a practice worksheet. While you’re at the store, check out the motivational prints available, and don’t forget to snag one while your there. More items will be added to the store in the next coming weeks so stay tuned for more handmade goods!

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