Its Spring! New Ventures Awaits

So it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on the blog and I felt it was time to give you a bit of an update with me. Overall I’ve been going through a lot. The struggles of being a woman about to become 28 in a few days is too real right now LOL. I feel as though I’m in a creative funk which has not because of the lack of ideas but due to lack of …believing in myself. A lot of times social media doesn’t do a good job in showing the real side of life. And let’s be honest, we’ve all have a point in our lives where at times, we don’t feel good enough. As for me, I’m starting to realizing that and becoming comfortable with it. Comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in this world. Someone else out there feels the same way I do. But I want to make a change in that. I want to start believing in myself again!!! At times the best way to do so is by making a public declaration on what your plans are to give you that push, get focused and stick to your word. Earlier this year I posted on making 2016 the year of planning ahead and I am still sticking true to that. For the past couple of weeks my brain waves have been geared to diving into a career path, getting financial stable while doing something I love. It seriously feels like I want to do it all in life, and WHY NOT! With enough focus and dedication into it I know that I can create and build that life for myself.

Last night I did a bit of research on young people getting financial stable. I’ve recently fallen in love with Forbes Under 30 insights and young adults achieving amazing success in their lives. A couple of stories that stuck out to me were on the two roommates Geoffrey and Julie who went on a buy nothing year  and also the story on blogger Cait Flanders of Blonde On a Budget who lived on 51% of her income, as a result able to get out of debt and live life to the fullest. These two stories impacted me enough to reevaluate my spending habits and reflect on why I’m still currently in debt. I’ve decided to go on a venture and challenge myself to get out of debt and start a business by 2018. To be exact by my 30th birthday March 22nd 2018 (2 years from this coming Tuesday) to get ma shiit together. I’ve officially reached that point in life where I’m just feed up with the bullshit of not living up to my own expectations. Yet alone what others expect of me. I don’t want to continue to feel as though I’m epically failing at life lol. I think that’s a fair goal to wanna attain! I have enough knowledge and skill to turn this blog into something great! I wholeheartedly believe that!!! :3 It really feels overwhelming at times thinking of how much I want to learn and build on and share with the world.

With all of that being said, starting on Tuesday 3/22/16 (My Birthday <:o) ) I have decided to also go on a financial reality check and stop with unnecessary spending. Currently I have a bit over $46,0000 in debt. This is a combination of 2 credit cards, a car loan and student loans which make up for about 80% of debt. I want all of this gone within the next 2 years though optimistically aiming for a year and a half. After a bit of talking with Jon (ma main squeeze!) he was on board with supporting me on this journey. No more dinners, lunches, buying coffee (a jon problem) shopping for clothes, nothing! Only things we are allowed to spend money on will be groceries, hygiene products (some will be homemade which I can’t wait to share with you), and sewing supplies. Since spring officially started today I’ll also start working on my herb garden next weekend to cut down the cost of wasted money from throwing produce away. In addition to all that, late last year I decided really wanted to start learning how to make my own clothes! I’ve bought a sewing machine already and quite a bit of supplies to start things off so stay posted for more on that! Now with all this that’s planned for the next 2 years, my hands are quite full with loads of work. It’s going to be challenging to learn new trades and limit oneself financially to get debt free but the momentary discomfort doesn’t outweigh the bigger picture. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is the key to succeeding! I’ll be sure to keep up the posts cause duh that’s my declaration lol as well as tips on getting your finances organized and my progress along the way. I’m SOOO excited to share this with you and I would love for anyone to jump aboard and join me on this mission. If you know anyone who has successfully gotten out of debt I would be thrilled to hear your story for some word of encouragement. Till next time!!! XOXO

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