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Hand Lettering New Possibilities
With almost every major life occurrence crash coursing its way into my life in 2017, it gave me an opportunity to look at my life in the grander scale, and figure out where my focus needs to be shifted. With that being said, 2018 will bring the start of some new changes coming way to For Tha Masses. One of the biggest changes that I’m really excited about is a regular blogging schedule. I know this is something that I’ve said would occur multiple times in the past yet have not followed through with my words, but that is all changing.
As mentioned in the previous post completing 365 days of hand lettering taught me more about myself than I thought it would. Through continuous practice and showing up for myself, my drawing skills improved as well as my confidence level.  I learned that I am capable of doing the things that I say I will, especially if it is something that I am wholeheartedly passionate about. When I translate that lesson into other areas, I have no reason not to be able to dedicate a few days during the week to share content that I know is important. Starting this month, I will regularly share new content every two weeks starting on Monday 1/29/18. I suppose after you do something every single day for a year the idea of doing something twice a month looks very doable. 
Another aspect of For Tha Masses that will slowly change is the content. During 2017, a majority of the blog’s content focused on self-help and sharing some words of wisdom with others who may be struggling with their creative voice or confidence in themselves. It was rewarding sharing content like this because not only did it help me, others let me know that they found it very relatable. Though I enjoyed sharing work like this, I will be slowly shifting my focus elsewhere in the New Year. I don’t want this space to solely focus on self-help or motivational material. I find that there are many talented speakers and writers who do self-help in a passionate way and I don’t feel that taking on this path is what I should rightly do with my creativity. I do believe that wellness is very important, however, it’s difficult for me to share words of encouragement when I myself am struggling and also seeking resolutions. I find it more beneficial to share motivational content through my art and other areas (more to come on that in the future).


Moving forward, I would like to focus more on conscientious content such as supporting local businesses, highlighting ethical and sustainable practices, promoting fair trade goods, and many more. I want to highlight and promote the people who do things in a respectful manner and who put the well-being of others ahead of capital gain. This has been a goal of mine for some time as I’ve shared in the past and now more than ever, I feel that it is important to join in on the conversation. I know that finding a tone and overall message for this space is something I have struggled with over the years, but after 2017 that message is ringing like a bell in my life. I am more eager than ever to share all that I learn as I transition into living more like a conscientious citizen of this place we call Earth. I hope you’re all as excited as I am of what’s to come. 2018 is sure to be another great year!

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