Upcoming Hand-Lettering Workshop

Who’s ready to kick off the new year with a hand-lettering workshop? Yes, you read that right! On January 28th from 12pm to 2pm, For Tha Masses Design will be hosting its very first hand-lettering workshop to start the new year just right. I’ve teamed up with The Bottom which is a multi-use space for building community, celebrating culture, and engaging the creativity of Black people through curated events. Because The Bottom is such a community-centered, black-affirming space, it feels like such an honor to be partnering with them to bring this workshop to life.

This workshop is geared toward helping beginners get introduced to hand lettering by learning about faux calligraphy. When I started my hand-lettering journey, faux calligraphy was one of the first lettering styles I learned, and over time I’ve used it to create my own lettering style. If you’re not familiar with what faux calligraphy is, think of it as fake calligraphy. Rather than using a nib and ink or brush pens like traditional calligraphy, this style holds no limitations to drawing tools you can use. The lettering style is drawn in cursive and you manually add the thick strokes to the letters to give it the “calligraphy” look and feel. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can create your own works of art and even apply all of this knowledge and skills you will build into learning traditional calligraphy.

The best part about this workshop is that each participant will receive The Beginner Guide to Faux Calligraphy workbook and lettering kit that’s found in the shop. You’ll have me as a guide to walk you through the learning process and get to take home with you all the necessary tools to continue learning on your own. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

This will be a fun and interactive workshop filled with tutorials, and a class project to choose from so you can go home with our own hand-lettered greeting card or gift tag. Interested in joining the fun? Then RSVP here and can’t wait to see you there! Limited spots are available so try not the delay. I’m working on getting more workshops on the calendar for the year so sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop of upcoming events!

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